About Paige Sinclair

My passion for watercolour painting

I began painting in 1991 when I took a night class in painting with watercolours.  That first class was the beginning of a passion that continues today.  Since then I have taken many workshops with some of Australia's best watercolourists. For the first few decades I painted only once a year, when I would go to a week long workshop.  From 2011 I began painting more seriously and  in 2013 I had my first solo exhibition.  

I do not have a background in art, nor do I think I draw really well.  I am a colourist - which means I love to paint in vivid colours, opposed to a tonalist who naturally paints in more muted tonal colours. Both styles suit watercolours, both styles get great results. 

In 2018 I retired from working full time to start my own small business teaching people the magic of watercolours. 

I hope you can join me on a journey of creativity that has brought me so much joy and happiness.

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My interest in speciality wines

A number of years ago I took a specialty wine making class with a friend.  Since then I have made wine out of passion fruit, ginger, mangoes, blue berries, strawberries (a personal favourite), chilli, kiwis, and even bananas (not a personal favourite) to name a few.

While I would never profess to be an expert, I have made hundreds of liters of the alcoholic nectar. Some batches have been exceptional and some that you might wish you hadn't, like the banana wine! 

While home wine making is not an exact science I am confident that if you were to join me in a class, you would be able to produce a decent bottle of wine, for in many cases under $1.00 a 750ml bottle. 

The set up cost is not expensive and once you have it you can keep the batches brewing. Start saving some bottles and join me in a class.  It's more fun with a friend!